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When you need to sell your home quickly choose.

  • Sell quickly
  • Move without hassle
  • Qualify you for a rental
  • purchase a new home

Ease and Simplicity from "Seen to Sold" in 7 Days!

DAY 1: Submit Your Property


You submit your property by requesting your personalized offer.

Day 1 Cont.: Our Automated System is Fabulous


Once you submit your property our in-house Automated Valuation System (AVS) provides an immediate offer based on comps which give a starting point until we meet. 

Day 2: The Meet and Greet


Although we can provide you a no obligation offer within hours we prefer to give you the best offer possible so that you can maximize your profit.

We like to meet face to face and evaluate the property by taking pictures and assessing the neighborhood.

Day 2: Offer and Contract


We will provide you a highly competitive offer in the form of a contract. This allows us to expedite the process if needed or have the time to allow you to be as patient as needed

Day 7+: Closing Day!


How quickly you have resolved your problem?

The most exciting day of all is closing day. You receive your check or wire transfer of your proceeds. 

We haven't bough a property yet where the seller didn't make any money!

Thank you and gift!


What have you done? 

You solved a problem! You sold a property to get your equity out or maybe helped a family member. 

Whatever the reason  I hope after we buy you are satisfied and will recommend us to your family and friends. 

Don't forget your surprise gift!

No obligation offer

Got Questions? We Have Answers!


You probably have questions like when is the best time to sell? Red Vulcan Properties can help you through the entire process. We will hold your hand if needed to make sure that there's a "Win - Win" situation for both parties.

How much is my house worth? It might seem intimidating, but our experienced group is here to help! 

The Right Price, Always


We buy at the most competitive price ALWAYS. 

We're not a big box company like those you see on TV we specialize in direct and honest home selling services.

The Services You Need


If you have questions about repairs, legal matters or the process in general we're here to help. We have bought over 35 properties combined and we only work with the best Attorneys, Realtors and Conctractors in the area

We Only partner with the best

Our Partners